SOLUTIONS FOR VETERANS, LLC is about creating manufacturing and other supporting jobs in the USA and to offer more than the jobs we create while targeting qualified veterans to fill those jobs.  We also look at our qualified neighbors to fill these jobs as well, whether or not they are veterans. It is about the finding the best qualified person to get the job done and for the delivery of the best possible products to meet our clients’ needs.


Wireless Remote Controlled Workstations

U.S. Patent #: 9370142 B2

Patents Pending.

SOLUTIONS FOR VETERANS, LLC is the licensed manufacturing and sales company for producing and selling patented products that provide needed and cost effective solutions in various industries. The underlying concept is the research and development of solutions to problems that impact all of us and can meet the previous criteria as stated.

To meet our first patented solution (US PATENT #: 9370142 B2 and PATENTS PENDING) and to learn more about its many talents (cost effective applications) Click Here

We’re doing all we can to make a difference in everyone’s life.
While our focus is our fellow veterans creating jobs, we’re creating ideas, solutions for the world.

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